Kettlebells, Sauna, Locker Rooms, Shower Facilities, Shake Bars & More!

Take charge of your fitness journey and join a gym with all the amenities you need! If we don’t have something you need, just say and we will do our best to make HealthPlex Fitness your favorite Capital Region fitness center.


A unique feature at our facility is the ability to use our vast collection of cast iron workout equipment. Take your workout to the next level with a kettlebell workout, if you are interested in learning more about them please contact one of our trainers for more information.


Step into a locker room where you can feel comfortable changing, showering, and getting ready for your workout. At HealthPlex Fitness we make sure to maintain a quality of standard and every member feels welcome.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a speedier recovery after leg day? Recovery after strength and endurance training sessions was improved with 30 minutes in a far-infrared sauna. So its smart to enjoy dry sauna before or after a workout to relax your muscles.


While there is not a class running any member is able to use the group workout space for any of their personal training programs. Here you will find plenty of mats, weights, boxing bags, and more!


Ignite your workout with some boxing bag workouts! A favorite for some of our trainers to perform with their clients, adding this into your routine is a knockout!


HealthPlex Fitness features 2 floors of turf at it’s main location & 1 at the Exit 8. Plenty of room for sleds, dynamic warmups, or cutting drills needed. As well as more than 10 hanging TRX straps for any member to use during their workout program.


Don’t forget your shake! Our trainers recommend every workout before or after you should get your nutrition in; especially your protein! Next time you are in the gym make sure to ask a certified trainer which one is best for your routine.


Make sure to use one of our complimentary towels to dry off the sweat from your amazing workout! We make sure our towels are cleaned on a frequent basis.

Healthplex Fitness Clifton Park NY Functional Training Area
Healthplex Fitness Clifton Park NY Stretching Area