1. Full Access to Gym Facilities
  2. Receive a Personal Training Program
  3. Complimentary Massage at TAO Best Spa

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H9 Fitness Club at Healthplex on Route 9

The Capital District’s Premier Fitness Club

Get Results With Personal Training

Get Results With Personal Training

Looking to enhance your overall fitness, movement, and strength? Our certified personal trainers are here to support you every step of the way. Whether it’s improving balance, enhancing functional movement, or getting stronger, we’ll tailor a program specifically to your needs and goals. From rehabilitation strategies to overall wellness, our trainers are experts in guiding you towards your best self.

Train on Your Own

Bring your creativity and build your own schedule! Our memberships include full gym access. We offer a variety of equipment including speed bags, heavy bags, kettle bells, free weights, cardio machines, weight machines and more.

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Personal Training Clifton Park, NY

Experiencing Knee Pain? Shoulder Pain? Discomfort?

Experiencing Knee Pain? Shoulder Pain? Discomfort?

Discover the root causes of your discomfort, how to alleviate pain effectively, and strategies for improving your quality of life. Our skilled trainers collaborate with you to develop a personalized corrective exercise regimen, focusing on addressing any areas of weakness in your movement patterns.

Helping Seniors Defy Odds

Helping Seniors Defy Odds

Designed to increase overall strength and mobility, all of our senior exercise programs concentrate on mastering movements important to improving the quality of everyday life. It is our mission to take any limitation you may have and construct a program that is personalized for you. Our programs help seniors defy the odds, shatter stereotypes and answer every challenge with, “I can do this!”

Seniors Personal Training Sessions Clifton Park, NY

Better Yourself & Improve Your Health!

A Community Who Works Together Thrives Together

We have worked with many other businesses in the Clifton Park community for many years. HealthPlex Fitness is always excited to form new relationships and work with like minded people.