HealthPlex Sports Performance

At the core of our sports performance training is our functional movement system screening. With this system, our coaches can build on a solid athletic foundation while staying focused on each athletes individual goals. Gauge your athletic abilities against others. Register online through our Mindbody Portal to enroll in our programs.

As a first step in the training process, each athlete is taken through a comprehensive evaluation to gauge where they stand against athletes at their age range & sport. This is an exclusive at HealthPlex Fitness that is the foundation of our training for athletes. Think of it almost like an athletic ability report card. In this evaluation, we take a look at strength, speed, agility and movement quality to determine their base level of performance, With this information in hand, we can now develop the specific improvements you will need to maximize your performance. We Will Test: Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, Pro Agility, Y-Balance Test, FMS Test, Chest Pass, Pull Up, Push Up, and 300 Yard Shuttle.