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Why You Should Be Stretching

As trainers, we hear it alllll the time… “Stretching is boring”… “Stretching doesn’t do anything”… “Stretching hurts”… The truth is, you really can’t afford to skip out on stretches! There are numerous benefits to including stretching in your daily workout routine, the number one being injury prevention.

Injury Prevention

Dynamic stretches are commonly used during warmups to warm the muscles before they undergo strenuous activity. Chances are when you jump into a workout without warming up, the muscles and tendons are cold and tight so you run a higher risk of injuring yourself.

Decrease Stress

Have you ever held the yoga pose downward dog? Studies show that this pose can greatly decrease levels of stress and anxiety (TRY IT!!). Using your breath while holding static poses allows the body to work through tension gradually leaving your body feeling relaxed after a session.

Increase Range Of Motion / Flexibility

Most people stretch to improve their flexibility. Having increased range of motion and flexibility also aids in injury prevention by allowing the body to move fluidly.

Improved Circulation

Stretching increases blood flow which allows the muscles to recover quicker by removing waste in the muscle tissue. You’ll notice a vast difference in workout recovery when you stretch! /p>

Finally... Improved Overall Health

Holding poses for a minimum of 30 seconds is key, making sure to target problem areas more often. If you’re new to stretching or just unsure of what to do, give us a call and one of our Fitness Professionals can help get you on a flexibility program today!< /p>

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