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Hunter R.

I am currently in the process of recovering from a major knee surgery and returning to play lacrosse again. I see Lou for specific training for knee rehabilitation and Matt Wood for overall strength training. With the help that I am being provided from HealthPlex Fitness I am recovering in literal leaps and bounds. All around a 5 star rating for great training, machines, nice people and a clean gym.

Milton E.

The staff is well-trained, skilled and friendly! They make sure we are informed about what is being done in the program and why. Everything is well organized and we all receive lots of encouragement on a daily basis. I look forward to attending each session and try not to miss. This is a great group and one ends each day with a feeling of accomplishment and that a positive approach to physical and mental well-being is being taken! Thank you very much!

Kelli T.

When I thought about working one on one with a personal trainer, I was very intimidated. I have paid the monthly membership fees to various gyms over the years and I would go a couple times then never again. I've been working with Coach Ryan Williams for almost 3 months and he's the greatest thing for my fitness that has ever happened to me. He keeps me accountable. He texts me to make sure I'm coming for my session that night. He sends me encouragement between our sessions. He offered to take me grocery shopping! He lets me be me while I'm working out - be it a funny quip or anecdote and he will laugh right along with me! He makes me feel like I matter and that my health is important to him so it should be important to me. I actually look forward to working out and for the first time in a very long time, I feel like I might be making the changes towards a better lifestyle - no matter how small those changes might be. From the bottom of my heart, I'm grateful that Ryan has taken me on to teach me his master ways! He is genius level at everything he does! I highly recommend you scoot in to Healthplex and demand Ryan as your coach! Just don't take my time slot!!! That's MY Ry-time!!!!

Tim O.

I knew I needed to do something to improve my health, and my wife and daughter reminded me of this on a regular basis! I am not what you would call a techno savvy person; I don't have facebook, twitter, etc and just recently got rid of my flip phone! My wife and my daughter kept raving about how Tim Ryan had really transformed himself since high school and now, working as a personal trainer at Healthplex in Clifton Park, was helping others do the same. My daughter graduated with Tim from Troy High, and I knew him then as a student and football player. They showed me his transformation (via facebook) and I finally made the call and set up an appointment.

We discussed my goal of losing 50 to 60 lbs, toning up and just having overall better health. This was May 2017. My knee surgery from two months prior was still not quite rehabbed. Tim began working with me and implemented exercises that would gradually strengthen my knee. By the end of our first four sessions, my knee was feeling almost back to normal, stronger, and I had lost eight lbs. He gave me an exercise routine (for home) and food transformation list. However, the most important thing he gave me was encouragement and the confidence that I could accomplish my goals. (By the way, he is a natural teacher and has a positive, easy way about him!) I began to feel better each week; actually each day. I met and worked out with Tim anywhere from one to three times per week (and continue to!) As of the date of writing this (January 2018), it has been eight months since I started working with Tim. My knee feels better than ever, I am off my medications and have had to buy new clothes! When I began to work with Tim in May 2017, I was a hefty and unhealthy 259 lbs. I am now 208 lbs (you do the math - I lost 51 lbs!). I feel great every day and will obviously continue to work with Tim.