Motivation vs Detication

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Motivation vs Dedication

“At some point we all bought into the lie that we have to feel ready to change.”- Mel Robbins

Here we are, already at the end of January and we’re all well into our ‘new year, new me’ mindsets. If you’re feeling a little lag in motivation, do not get discouraged. Its totally normal to feel this way! The glitter and glitz of a new program has worn off and it’s now becoming a lifestyle. If you find yourself googling motivational quotes to keep pushing, STOP.

Motivation is a term we hear thrown around a lot.

“I can’t find the motivation to workout.” “This song really motivates me to go running!” “What is your motivation for this project?”

It’s a great fire starter, but that’s really it. Think of motivation as a new match. Something clean and simple that is the key to getting the job started. But eventually, after the initial flame is lit, that match burns out. So what is it that keeps the fire going?

When I hear people talk about staying motivated, the tendency is to speck about it in regard to simple tasks. Our brains are programmed to stop us from doing things that may hurt us, which is why using motivation as a technique to stay on task with new lifestyle changes really doesn’t work. That’s where dedication takes over.

Dedication is the driving force. Dedication isn’t quoted on Instagram, or made into a board on Pintrest. Dedication is getting through the lag in enthusiasm and committing to your new lifestyle. It’s 5am gym sessions when you barely slept, meal prep when you really just want a Big Mac, trading after-work cocktails for a boot-camp class, getting on the scale and actually looking at the number. It’s being held accountable for your decisions and pushing through the bad days.

Dedication isn’t something you feel. It’s something you live. It’s the long term, driving force of effective change. Skip over motivation and dig into dedication. That’s your meal ticket.