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Sports Performance & Strength Training in Clifton Park, NY.

At the core of our sports performance training is our Functional Movement Screen. With this system our coaches can build on a solid athletic foundation while staying focused on each athletes individual goals. Watch the video below about FMS.

Private Training

Individual training to unleash your inner athlete.

One of our experience certified coaches will guide the athlete through every step of their strength training & athletic journey. The private setting allows our coaches to give feedback, understand your pains & execute specific training guidelines created by our HealthPlex Fitness Training system. We recommend a session be no shorter than 1 hour in order to accomplish our tasks but our sessions come in both 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Group Training

Get the most out of your athlete in a group.

If 1-on-1 training is not for you or your child then we highly recommend you join one of our group training classes. It is great for young athletes to development teamwork oriented skills early on in their life. Following the same guidelines as our personal training you get a cheaper option while gaining the benefits of working with other athletes.

Classes include:


  • SYHA Mites

  • Bantam and Pee Wee SYHA

  • Middle School Performance

  • High School Performance

  • Youth Sports Performance Training

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Team Training

A team that trains together wins together.

Take your team to their next championship with a tailored Team Training program at HealthPlex Fitness. Working with teammates is the best thing an athlete can do in the developmental process of building an athletic foundation. One of our coaches will design an individualized approached base on the sport, abilities, & goals of you team while following the HealthPlex Fitness sports performance training system.

Athlete Evaluation

Gauge your athletic abilities against others.

As a first step in the training process, each athlete is taken through a comprehensive evaluation to gauge where they stand against athletes at their age range & sport. This is an exclusive at HealthPlex Fitness that is the foundation of our training for athletes, think of it almost like an athletic ability report card. In this evaluation we take a look at strength, speed, agility, and movement quality to determine their base level of performance. With this information in hand we can now develop the specific improvements you will need to increase your performance in your sport.

We will test:

  • Vertical jump

  • Broad jump

  • Pro agility

  • Chest pass

  • Pull-up

  • 300 yard shuttle

Sport Camps

Take advantage of our expert coaches.

Looking to get an edge on the competition? Attend a HealthPlex Fitness camp that’s personalized to specific sports, positions, and skill levels. Our coaches come together to create an experience where athletes can not only gain physical attributes but start to develop the mindset of what it takes to be an athlete.

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How can a sports performance program benefit you?

  • Become a better athlete: increase your mental & physical abilities on the field of play.

  • Increase your performance: produce more power, strength, and speed thru direct training.

  • Reduce injury: practice longer and harder by staying pain free.