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Golf fitness at HealthPlex Fitness in Clifton Park

is ready to improve your game.

Pro players agree that strength, mobility, and balance training is essential to help beginners, intermediate, and elite amateur players. Working with a HealthPlex Fitness coach reduces your chance of injury, decreases current aches and pains, increases distance, and improves your overall experience as a player. You can start today working privately or bring a few of your golfing buddies along to participate in a group.

8 week Functional Golf Fitness

Programs starting on March 26th | only $299

For 8 weeks you will meet with functional golf fitness expert Ralph Merante at out facility from 6pm-7pm. In the class we find out your individual movement patterns, goals, and injuries that are either causing you pain while you play or decreasing your performance. From here the Titlelist golf pro trainer can have a better understand what improvements you need in order to improve your game.

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