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Getting To Know You: Zach Nowhitney

Job Title: Trainer/Facility Manager
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Pizza
Spirit animal: Wombat
Spirit Animal: Owl
What Music Do You Listen To While Working Out: Alternative Rock
Why Do You Do What You Do: I love to make a difference and make an impact on people’s lives
Favorite Workout: Bicep curls... “Curls for the girls”
Proudest Personal Athletic/Fitness Moment: When the Schenectady AA Pee Wee Team became first in the state
When You’re Not Working, What Are You Doing: Watching movies, playing video games
Fun/Weird Fact: At a young age, I was bull riding my family dog and the fast powerful dog came to a sudden stop. I flew forward, smashed into a coffee table and cracked chin open
Best Advice For Someone Beginning Their Exercise Journey: At the end of the day you must want to take the fitness journey for yourself. Accomplish goals for self satisfaction. The journey is only attainable if you truly want it. Pull up your sleeves, dive in and get ready to start a journey that will change your life for the better.