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Getting To Know You: Tim Ryan

Job Title:Personal Trainer
Where Are You From:Troy, NY
Favorite Color:Green
Favorite Food:I have to choose a favorite?
What Music Do You Listen To While Working Out: Gangsta Rap, Hard Rock/ motivational videos
How Did You Get Into The Fitness/This Industry: I played Football in high school/college- needed to lose weight, was 300 lbs with terrible knees
Why Do You Do What You Do: IMPACTing someone’s life positively, and helping people discover the strongest happiest visions of themselves
Favorite Workout: Legs and Deadlifts
Proudest Personal Athletic/Fitness Moment:Losing 110 lbs! And winning Most Valuable Offensive Lineman at the State Championship game
When You Aren’t Working, What Are You Doing: Working out, reading, hiking or hanging with girlfriend or family.
Fun/Weird Fact: Jurassic Park NERD
Best Advice For Someone Beginning Their Exercise Journey: CONSISTENCY AND PERSISTENCE pay dividends. It will not be easy, but it will always be worth it. Be stern about your goal but flexible about your methods!