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Getting To Know You: Matt Wood

Job Title: Personal Trainer
Where are you from? Saratoga Springs, NY
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Sushi
Spirit animal: Mountain lion
What Music Do You Listen To While Working Out: Eminem, Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers
How Did You Get Into Fitness/This Industry: I've always been into sports, so I majored in Exercise Physiology.
Favorite Workout: Filthy 50
Why do you do what you do? I love pushing people past their limits and showing them that almost any goal is attainable with hard work.
When You’re Not Working, What Are You Doing: In the winter either skiing or ice climbing or hanging out at my cabin in Lake Placid. Hiking the rest of the year.
Proudest Personal Athletic/Fitness Moment: Running 4:06min mile in High School, All American in mountain biking and cycling at the University at Kentucky and skiing all the High Peaks.
Fun/Weird Fact: I have skied all 12 months at least one day!
Best Advice For Someone Beginning Their Exercise Journey: Make it fun and enjoyable! When first starting out, get comfortable at a facility that you know you will enjoy coming to. Take advantage of group classes and training!