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Getting To Know You: Adrienne Parker

Job Title: Personal Trainer
Where are you from? Malta, NY
Favorite Color: Black & Green
Favorite Food: Pizza
Spirit Animal: Beyonce
What Music Do You Listen To While Working Out: Yelawolf, Paramore or Nicki Minaj
How Did You Get Into Fitness/This Industry: I fell in love with running and was always a dancer. I have always made fitness a priority in my life. It just made sense to make it my profession.
Favorite Workout: Boxing or barre
Why Do You Do What You Do? It kind of sounds selfish, but seeing people succeed and make healthy choices makes me feel great. Theres honestly nothing better than helping someone reach their goals.
When You’re Not Working, What Are You Doing: Writing music, taking a fitness class or telling my dog he’s special
Proudest Personal Athletic/Fitness Moment: Surviving 7 years running the 400m hurdles, including breaking my PR at State Qualifiers three times!
Fun/Weird Fact: I got a concussion hurdling… yeah…
Best Advice For Someone Beginning Their Exercise Journey: Know that you are your own worst enemy, your biggest critic and the only person who can prevent you from reaching your goals. Get out of your own head. No one is judging you but you!