7 tips for reaching your 2018 fitness goals

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7 tips for reaching your 2018 fitness goals

2018 is upon us and unfortunately there is no magic pill to cure all our fitness woes… With so many articles on how to make big changes this year, it’s hard to decipher fact from fiction. We’ve compiled 7 basic techniques to help you have the most fun, active and positive year of your life (so far)!

1. Research

Finding the right club, trainer and fitness routine is essential to making your fitness goals stick. Ever heard the saying “try before you buy”? This goes for fitness as well. Ask about guest passes, class cards and New Year Promotions. Find out where your friends are working out and ask them about their experience. Look up clubs in your area, check them out on social media and ask for a tour. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

2. Get A Trainer

I can speak from personal experience on this… having someone that holds you accountable, who is a professional and who you build a trusting relationship with is key. You are far less likely to slack on your goals when you have someone checking in on you. Those “how was your workout today?’ texts and calls go a long way. Even if you’re a person who really enjoys working out, you can’t go wrong with additional help. Learn more by clicking ahead.

3. Be Realistic

No, you are not going to lose those 20lbs in 3 days. No, you are not going to have a six pack without a nutrition plan. This is another area your trainer can be a huge help in. The key to setting realistic goals is starting small. Personally, I set daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and 5 year goals every year. That may sound like overkill, but it has kept me constantly motivated and on track. It’s a lot less intimidating when you can break down your big goals into smaller ones.

4. Reward Yourself

Really wanting that new iPhone? Craving a slice of pizza? Set up a reward system for yourself. Use the small weekly or monthly goals you set for yourself as motivation. Remember those gold star charts in elementary school? Well this is your adult gold star chart. Revel in it.

5. Keep A Journal

Theres something about seeing things in writing that keeps people on track. You can be as simple or as detailed as you like. Track things like weight, measurements, food, max bench, mile time, how you felt before and after the workout… seeing how you improve both short and long term is what keeps the fire burning.

6. Bring A Friend

There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to keep you motivated all year long. Partner workouts are incredibly fun and clubs (like HealthPlex) offer semi-private training. This is another way to be held accountable for those scheduled workouts. A little peer pressure goes a long way here.

7. Get Out Of Your Head

This is quite possibly the most important tip. How many times have you thought about these goals? And how many times have you talked yourself out of achieving them? We are all our own worst enemy. Leave the negativity in 2017 and jump into the new year with a clear and open mind. You CAN make a change. You CAN stick with it. And remember, the staff at HealthPlex is here to help!