5 health and wellness apps you should be using

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5 Health & Wellness Apps You Should Be Using

2018 is the year of fitness technology. So must must be wondering like I was what are the best fitness apps to get? I've listed the top 5 that are sure to change your life in 2018.

1. My Fitness Pal

I use this app everyday and have recommended it to all my clients! It’s extremely easy to use and has done wonders keeping me on track with my nutrition. Just put in your stats and goals to get started, then the app will adjust your daily calorie intake (you can do this manually as well) to successfully meet your goal. Most foods are already in the data base but it’s easy to add new ones too. Log EVERYTHING. Yes, even your ketchup. It’s very eye opening to see how many extra calories come from dressings, small snacks, alcohol and processed foods. The key to using MyFitnessPal successfully is to check your macronutrients. A standard macro count that you’ll see all over nutrition blogs is a 40/30/30 (carbs, fat, protein respectively). This is something to talk to a fitness professional about if you have any questions. MyFitnessPal also allows you to adjust your weight as you go and provides status’ with updates on your log-in activity and weight loss. This is a great tool for everyone, not just those looking to lose weight. Being conscious of what you put in your body is extremely important and can truly make of break a fitness program.

2. Meditation Studio

I just recently started to use this and I LOVE it. Slowing down is really hard to do sometimes with crazy schedules, family and just life. Taking time for your mental health is key to being successful with you health and wellness goals. It’s another easy to use app that allows you to set aside time to be still. There are different collections in the app that focus on stress, sleep, anxiety, pain, eating, happiness, performance, confidence, compassion and relationships. You are also able to do unguided meditations by adding your own.

3. Waterlogged

This app actually changed the way I drink water. Its the simplest app I’ve ever used and I highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t drink enough. FYI: your daily consumption of water should be at least half your bodyweight in fluid ounces. Download the app, pick which glass you drank from (6oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, etc) and tap to add the water every time you finish your glass. A very simple but effective visual tool.

4. Fitbit Companion/Activity Tracker/Apple Health

I’ve been highly resistant to the Fitbit craze but my best friend SWEARS by it, so I’m giving in. You may hear people saying that they have to get their steps in- which refers to Fitbits step tracker. The main point of an activity tracker is to monitor your everyday motion and guide you towards being more active. The companion app is great because you can use it without the tracker itself, you just need your phone. If you’re someone who works a sedentary job, fitness trackers like Fitbit, Apple Health or Activity Tracker are extremely effective in keeping your health in check. Daily movement is vital for a prolonged, healthy life!

5. Mindbody

Such a useful tool for finding and booking fitness classes or wellness services- like massages- in your area (also perfect for when you’re traveling). It stores the places you frequent and creates a schedule for you that you can link to your calendar on your phone. A lot of clubs and spas will offer promo deals through MindBody as well, which you can take advantage of right from your phone or computer. Who knows, you may find the class you’ve been searching for by trying out a new place.