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5 habits that derail your healthy lifestyle

Old habits die hard and some are harder to put behind us than others. When it comes to staying healthy, getting these 5 habits in check can make or break your lifestyle!

1. Excessive snacking on junk

This may seem like a no brainer but 94% of the people I surveyed say their biggest nutritional problem comes from snacking on processed or sugary treats! When we stop listening to our bodies natural levels of hunger, we put ourselves at risk for chronic overeating, which can lead to numerous serious conditions including diabetes and heart disease. Making healthy, whole nutrient snack choices can keep your metabolism in check, prevent dips in energy levels, prevent breakouts, headaches and help you lose weight!

2. Stress

While this is sometimes unavoidable, stress is a major component in destroying healthy lifestyles. Being conscious of what you're putting in your body during high times of stress can help restore balance to your hormones. Many of us crave foods we don't normally consume, or we skip meals. This change in diet only furthers our feelings of anxiety and causes major shifts in energy. Along with diet change, stress can induce elevated blood pressure, blood sugar, decrease your overall immunity and slow your metabolism.

3. Smoking

People. There are NO benefits to smoking! This is a surefire way to drop your health line. Smoking is one of the leading causes in both heart disease and cancer deaths. Quitting smoking improves your health literally minutes after your last cigarette- improving your sense of taste and smell as well as your endurance.

4. Drinking alcohol in excess

Alcohol can have negative effects on both your mental and physical health. It has been linked to increased levels of anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies, gout, cancer and nerve damage. Be conscious of your consumption levels.

5. Skipping breakfast

The most important meal of the day and the most commonly skipped! A good, well balanced breakfast can jump start your day right. Skipping breakfast regularly can have a negative impact on your weight, hormones, memory and mood. Skipping meals in general can decrease your metabolism and lower your energy level.